Studio Rollmo is an independent brand and design consultancy.

We make considered design for all sorts of people, businesses and organisations. Our work is produced with a focus on the big ideas and the small details.

It takes two to tango; we believe that effective, value-adding design is created only by working in collaboration with clients to understand who you are and what you do. This insight is the root that helps us define and tell your story in a way that’s authentic, engaging and unique.

As a small consultancy we can put together teams tailored to each project from our network of industry-leading practitioners. 

Studio Rollmo is run by Alex Reece, a designer with over 7 years of experience working with national and international clients across a range of design projects.

Client Experience

Studio Rollmo:
Glasgow City Council
Innovate UK
Kelvingrove Café
Breaking Blue Research
Future City Glasgow
Urban Tide
Berkeley Suite
Mack Photo

At Jamhot:
Celtic Park Events
Tron Theatre
Dundee Rep Theatre
Arts & Business Scotland
Scottish Dance Theatre
Digital Office
Carnet Jove Andorra
European Youth Card
Reuben Paris Photography
Glasgow Comedy Festival

At Offshoot Design:
Redefine BDL

Whole Foods



Art Direction
Editorial Design
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Identity Creation
Print Design
Website Design